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Odoo ERP System

Track the performance of your employee's through Mega ERP system
تحكم في اداء موظفينك مع برنامج الموارد البشرية mega erp

Some features offered by Mega ERP to HR

Successfully manage your employee's using HR system from Odoo provided by Mega ERP, as it gives you full data needed to track and evaluate your employee's

Why Odoo HR?

1. Track your employees data perfectly

2. Align the recruitment process and hiring applications.

3. Track job offers

4. Detect and align hiring phases and process

5. Management of staff work leaves


Professionally manage your employees inquiries, timesheets.


Align the hiring process, job offers and applicants


Track your staff leaves, status of acceptance or rejection and maintain detailed reports


Evaluate and receive detailed reports to improve performance to the highest level


Transfer some work from one employee to another

Fleet Management

Manage company vehicles, and track costs through a single click.

MEGA ERP Features

Cloud Based ERP

you can use Software via the internet

Anytime & Anywhere

Use the system at any time and from anywhere

24/7 Technical Support

get help and find answers to questions, they come up—24/7

From Mobile or Desktop navigate easily

The possibility of opening the system from a computer or phone


A comprehensive accounting program with all capabilities and reports

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    Get your work done with one click with the Odoo program provided by Mega erp, Mega ERP system approved by the Zakat and Income Authority in Saudi Arabia and the official agent of the Odoo program


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