Odoo ERP System

Own the most powerful manufacturing and production management system, starting from the materials table until the completion of the production process, linking with stores, warehouses, and purchasing management in one system with Odoo ERP
نظام ادارة المصانع المقدم من اودو ERP

Why is Mega ERP the best for you?

- Because Mega ERP system offers you the best you need to manage your production and costs department,
The possibility of merging with other applications (accounts - stores and warehouses - purchases - suppliers) all in one system, which is the Odoo system provided by Mega ERP

- The Mega ERP system is approved by the Zakat and Tax Authority in Saudi Arabia, and each is approved by Odoo.

- Fully integrated with Odoo applications
(Finance - Sales - Human Resources - ..)

- You can use the system from anywhere in the world and using any device to ensure a flexible and professional workflow

Challenges facing factory owners

product cost from variable and fixed costs
Managing multiple production lines without error

The most important features of Mega ERP manufacturing system

Materials table

It is the process of determining the cost of the final product from raw materials or any other manufacturing expenses (direct costs and indirect costs) as well as determining the quantities of raw materials needed for each product.

production order

With the Odoo Factory Management Software, you can issue a production order for specific quantities, through which the system issues a withdrawal order for the required raw materials based on the material table from the raw materials store to the warehouse for the ready-to-manufacture materials.

After the successful completion of the production process, all finished products are transferred to the finished products warehouse.

Production planning

Planning the required production quantity based on customer requests or what warehouses need, and the ability to set a minimum production level of one item for each machine to control operating costs.

Manufacturing reports

Comprehensive and detailed reports for each stage of production to obtain the most accurate information and control over the entire manufacturing process.

Get your work done with one click with the Odoo program provided by Mega erp, Mega ERP system approved by the Zakat and Income Authority in Saudi Arabia and the official agent of the Odoo program


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