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Odoo ERP System

Maximize your profits with Odoo Sales Management Software brought to you by Mega ERP
عظم ارباحك مع برنامج ادارة المبيعات من Odoo والذي يقدمه لك Mega ERP

A full controlled process
from controlling new customers to closing deals

It's easier and faster with Mega ERP

- A perfect customers relationship through contacting them directly

- keep track of your quotations online

- Manage POS

- Tracking your subscriptions and Tax preparation

- Manage invoices, price offers for products and services


Increase your company productivity with A CRM system and keep track of your customer calls whenever, wherever you are.

Sales Management System

Provide professional quotations, close deals and sell more


your E-commerce website needs, as you could use our Mega ERP system for any retail company easily.


Obtain clear contracts, electronic invoices, and arrange all taxes as a piece of cake.

Rental Software

From Creating rental requests, scheduling to invoicing.. All your needs in one place.

Amazon Connector

Synchronize with Amazon and track deliveries easily.

Managing customer relations through direct communication with them.
Manage Your Quotations Online
It allows you to control the points of sale
SubscriptionsManage all subscriptions, and prepare taxes
Manage invoices and quotes for leased products or services


Cloud Based ERP

you can use Software via the internet

Anytime & Anywhere

Use the system at any time and from anywhere

24/7 Technical Support

get help and find answers to questions , they come up—24/7

From Mobile or Desktop, navigate easily

The possibility of opening the system from a computer or phone


A comprehensive accounting program with all capabilities and reports

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    Get your work done with one click with the Odoo program provided by Mega erp, Mega ERP system approved by the Zakat and Income Authority in Saudi Arabia and the official agent of the Odoo program


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